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I created this blog post about how to automate frequent tips in Microsoft Teams to your champions using a flow in PowerAutomate as well as a SharePoint list.

In one of my customers Champions teams where this solution is running, a user asked how he could spread these tips to some of his collegues. He first wanted them to join the Champions Team, but we actually didn’t want them to since they had no intention of contributing as champions. They just wanted the Teams tips and at this point, the guy who was asking was copying and pasting the tips from the Champions team to his own team 2 times a week.

The solution! (Yes, it’s obviously a flow)

If you would find yourself in this or a similar situation, simply create a flow in PowerAutomate that is triggered by the Tips message and then automaticly posts it in another channel in another Team. No need to tell anyone you’ve automated this, rather just take the credit for spreading the word and keeping your collegues up to date with the latest news.

To set this up, use the trigger that is currently in preview: “When a new channel message is added”. Choose the Team and the channel where you want to eavesdrop and then follow up with a condition. In my case I’ve set the condition that the dynamic value “Message Subject” must begin with Teamstips. You will of course set this up to suit your own needs, like anything posted from these persons and with specific words in the body of the message.

If the condition isn’t met, we’ll do nothing. In my case, if you don’t use a subject but post in the channel, the flow will fail. It doesn’t really matter to me as it still serves the same purpose though.

For Yes, simply choose “Post a Message” (also in preview for version 3 when this is written). Select a Team and a channel manually and then for the body you’ll select the dynamic value of the body from the Teams message you triggered the flow with. Same for the subject.

That’s really all there is to it! A short and simple flow, handy in some situations where you just want to spread the word!


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