First one out!

I’m starting my new blog here at CloudApt, a merge of Cloud and Adapt. Essentially it’s about adapting the Cloud. The Microsoft Cloud to be more precise.

Before Cloudapt, I published all my posts to the official Altitude 365 blog site, so I’d like to refer to my old posts, that they won’t be missed out on just because it might be a bit empty here at the moment.

Recurring Tasks using a button i PowerAutomate
If you attended my session at TechDays Sweden 2019, you’ve already seen this. If not, you get a new chace by this blog post. It goes through how you can set up recurring tasks from a list and integrate it with Planner!

Streaming Datasets in Power BI with Twitter
This post is about setting up a simple streaming Dataset for Power BI. With a streaming dataset you can show dashboards updating in real time and it’s super easy to start with. A small warning here that isn’t written in the post, I use flow to add 0 to my streaming dataset each minute. This isn’t really to clever for production reports as you will quickly run out of your amount of your flow runs. It’s fine for testing of course.

Stay relevant in your Champions Team
When moving to Microsoft Cloud Services, things will be evergreen. Constant changes! Lovely, right?
This means most organizations implement champion programs to handle news and gathering of feedback. Microsoft Teams is a superb place to collaborate with your Champions and in any team it’s important to keep the activity level up. This post is about making that easy by automating frequent tips!

Skype to Teams – Some thoughts
Microsoft is planning to eliminate Skype for Business in Office 365 in the summer of 2021. Back in september, I wrote down some of my thoughts in regards to the transition from Skype to Teams, since Teams is the replacing product of Skype

Some things to consider regarding Adoption
I work a lot with Adoption of Office 365. I am after all the Onboarding and Adoption Manager at Altitude 365 so if I didn’t, I would probably be fired when I think about it. Anyhow, I have some key aspects in working with adoption that I bring up in pretty much all my presentations and they are gathered here in the blog post.

Crimes data with Power BI
Power BI is close to my heart and back in the summer of 2019, Microsoft released heat maps as a visualisation. Of course I just had to try it out and hence, this blog post was born! It’s about the crimes committed in Sacramento during January in 2006. At least according to the totally reliable dataset I found online.

Create a Champions Team in Microsoft Teams in 10 minutes
Let’s just get down to business and act. This post will help you set up your Champions Team i Microsoft Teams with some key elements. In 10 minutes! Just do it!

Enhancing To-Do using Power BI
I use Microsoft To-Do for all kinds of lists and stuff I need to do. One of my lists is called “Next Steps” and holds all my actionable next steps, regardless if it’s calling my carpenter or adding a visulation in Power BI.
To stay productive, I’ve set up a KPI to create at least 5 new next steps per day on an avarage and this blog post is about how you can measure it automaticly.

Teams meetings made easy
Teams meetings are great! That is, if you know how they work and what you can do in them. This post will help you clear up some common misunderstandings and get you started with the basics in a jiffy!

Overlooked features in Microsoft Teams
This post is for you who have gotten past the basics of Microsoft Teams and want to take it one step further. These are some great, but often overlooked features of Microsoft Teams. Enjoy!

Saving time with Excel
As a certified Excel Experts I just can’t help it. There are some things that I’m sure will save a ton of time for so many people out there and I put some of them here into the blog post. Hope you’ll save some of that precious time by reading it!

Goal seek in Excel
One feature what wasn’t covered in the above post is instead put here in this one. Goal seek is one of those small and simple features that most organizations would likely be having a great use of during budget work for example.

Productive meetings
I wrote this back in 2018, but it’s really relevent even today. For most office workers, meetings is a kind of big deal and takes a lot of the weekly work hours. If you don’t already follow the tips in this post, I urge you to!

Another Excel tip! dividing columns
A simple task if you know how to do it. What more to say?

Get started with Microsoft Teams
Why should I start using Teams? It’s just another program and I already have so many.. I don’t like it, I don’t want it. Sounds like something you’ve come across? This post is about how and why you should start using Microsoft Teams.

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